Automotive Painting

Take Pride in Your Ride

Take Pride in Your Ride

Rejuvenate your car with a new paint job

Are you embarrassed by your car's weather-worn exterior? Any car can look as good as a Ferrari with a new coat of paint. Bring your car to the custom painting pros at Coachworks Collision Center to give it a fresh, new look. Whether you need complete repainting and restoration services or a minor paint touch-up, you can count on us. We use computerized color matching to seamlessly cover rough spots. Plus, we can remove and repair all kinds of rust damage.

Choosing the best paint for your vehicle can be a challenge. Consult a pro from Coachworks Collision Center in Presque Isle, Maine today to get an expert recommendation. Call now at (207) 769-2212!

When in doubt, don't do it yourself

Have you considered trying to paint your vehicle yourself? While this might seem like a valid money-saving option, you may end up regretting it. It's better to get professional auto painting done because:

  • A professional can preserve the value of your car
  • You'll get more appealing results
  • Your project will be finished more quickly

Want to learn more about our professional auto painting service? Speak with a pro now by calling (207) 769-2212.